Stress? Fatigue? Feeling stiff?


Massage has a positive effect mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

A massage will get your brain to produce serotonin (provides a sense of well-being) and endorphins (acts as a painkiller).


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Treat yourself by enjoying a massage at Sat Nam Health!










Only the best products are used during your massage!
You can choose between Jojobacare or Weleda.



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Head, neck and shoulder, hands, legs, feet or full body massage. 

Prices : 40 min= € 45

             60 min= € 60

             90 min= € 85


Different prices apply for company incentives, projects or massages at a Wellness. Please send your request by e-mail.


Opening hours :

Monday - Friday 9 am-3 pm,

Wednesday 9 am-7 pm 



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